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Jianshi Township Cultural Gallery

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Jianshih Township Cultural Gallery
  Inside the Jianshih Township Cultural Gallery is a small museum about Tayal history, culture and lifestyle. Attached is an auditorium for performances. The gallery’s function is to collect, conserve and research Tayal culture. The gallery plans and has exhibitions as well as shows. The gallery provides education for everybody to learn about Tayal culture. They also promote aboriginal businesses to help them grow. The Jianshih Township Cultural Gallery’s main function is to protect the beautiful image of the Tayal culture.

1F - Performing auditorium 
The performing auditorium offers a space for passing down Tayal culture and art, the arrangement for various activities, conferences and international exchange activities. 

2F – Cultural Gallery and Office 
The collection and exhibition for Tayal traditional arts and crafts, totem, ancient implement etc. 

Open Hours
Every Tuesday to Saturday 8:00 ~ 12:00 / 13:00 ~ 17:00 
Closed on every Sunday and Monday, Chinese New year, election day, and during any natural disaster.


  1. No smoking, and no chewing betel nut and gum.
  2. No flip-flops and clogs.
  3. No dangerous goods, large items, long umbrellas, balloons and pets.
  4. No food and drink, noise or playing games.
  5. Please do not touch the arts and crafts and display cabinets. 
  6. No cameras.
  7. Please follow the guide’s instructions. 

Transportation Guide

By car:
Towards the south:

  1. Get off at Guansi interchange. Follow the 118 to Guansi, then take Provincial Route No. 3 towards Hengshan. Turn left at Shihfenliao, and follow the 120 for 7 kilometers, until arrival at Jianshih Township. The distance is 23 kilometers.
  2. Get off at Cyonglin interchange and follow the 120 until arrival at Jianshih Township. 

Towards the north: 
Get off at Cyonglin interchange, follow the 120, until arrival at Jianshih Township. 

By bus: 
Hsinchu Transportation – Jhudong to Naluo, Bawushan and Meihua line; stop at the Jianshih bus stop.