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Yulao Observation Area

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Yulao Observation Area
  1450 meters high on a mountain peak lies Yulao Observation Area. It is the border between the beginning and the outer lying areas of Jianshih. There are two observation decks on each side of the summit offering two very different views. On the eastern deck, you can see 1450 meters down to the bottom of the steep valley. On the western deck, you can see the vast valley with the wide river Nalou. Day or night, you can always see a beautiful view.

Transportation Guide

By car (towards the north): Get off at Cyonglin interchange, follow the 120 towards Hengshan and Jianshih. Turn right on Jianshih Bridge. Follow the 60 and Yulao will be after Naluo.
By car (towards the south): Get off at Guansi interchange and follow the 118 to Guansi. Then take Provincial Route No. 3 towards Hengshan. Turn left at Shihfenliao and follow the 120 towards Jianshih. Turn right on Jianshih Bridge and follow the 60. Yulao will be after Naluo.