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Shinchu County   Jianshih Township Office

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Finance Division

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Unit Main business Phone
Finance Division

In charge of indigenous construction, tourism, culture and art, food, hostel, hot spring, ecology, leisure agriculture, cultural auditorium and gallery, landscape planning, business administration, public property affairs proposal, examination, verification and performing. Financial affairs, public property, accounting, tax, assisting in other matters.

Business Responsibilities Director Sie, Ming Huei Integrate the financial affairs 0918-804063
Officer Chen, Ling Huei

Financial affairs, cashier and treasury, and assisting in other related matters.

Technician  Peng, Liang Mo Indigenous construction, tourism, arts and crafts, food, hostel, hot spring, ecology, leisure agriculture, landscape planning, and other related matters.  
Officer Chen, Ma La

Indigenous culture and art, cultural auditorium, and other related matters.

Village Officer Gao, Yan Lin Indigenous industry and commerce, economical enterprise load, bamboo house management, public property, Tieling leisure agricultural park management, and assisting in other related matters.                 
Clerk Gao, Shih Ling parental leave  
Contract Employee
Lai, Cing Mei
Public property, and tax management, and assisting in other matters.  
Temporary staff  Gao Luo, Ciou Fong Assisting financial affairs, related matters and provisional work.  
Museum Narrator Huang, Chong han Guide for visitors, and executing the procedure of Council of Indigenous Peoples and County Government, assisting in cultural and artistic activities, cultural gallery arrangement, cultural auditorium rental and other provisional work.  
Maintenance Person Gao, Yi Jhen Museum maintenance and security, documenting delivery, phone answering and other provisional work.