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Secretary Division

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Unit Main business Phone
Secretary Division

Department of Regional Affairs, general affairs, mail, official seals, file management, legal affairs, laws, planning, affairs meetings, managerial reports, citizen services and other responsibilities.

Business Responsibilities Sectary Yeh, Chang Cheng Head Secretary by order of the Mayor 0911-254193
General administration Wang, Mei Jiao Transaction management, etc.  0928-848562
Temporary staff Tsai, Yu Yin

Assists in the general needs of the Secretary Division.

Temporary staff Chien, Yu Lan Cleaning  
Officer Pinang

Policy announcement, research, evaluation, administration planning, and information management.

Temporary staff Chiang, Shu Hui Document filing/Digital document filing  
Maintenance worker Tseng, Shu chu Seal maintenance, mail management  
Team member Lai, Li Chun Document filing  
Maintenance worker Hsu, Chih Fen Document filing