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Tapung(Lidonsan) Castle

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Tapung(Lidonsan) Castle
  Tapung castle is a fort that the Japanese used to protect themselves from the aboriginals. It was originally called “Lidonsan’ by the Japanese, but eight years ago the name was changed to the aboriginal name “Tapung’. It overlooks a battlefield where Japanese and Tayal fought countless battles. Its strategic position on top of a small mountain overlooks Sanguang, Shoran and YueFong, etc.

The Tayal people fought the Japanese longer than anybody else on the island. In 1907, Japan built many forts in an effort to repel the aboriginals and push them high into the mountains. This was the beginning of a five-year policy to manage the aboriginals started by General Sakuma Samata. In 1911, the Japanese leader of Hsinchu sent an army of over 2000 soldiers and police to fight the aboriginals. The Japanese forts where armed with large cannons and powerful guns. Unfortunately, the aboriginals could not defeat this strong army. This was the beginning of assimilation of the aboriginals.

In 1912, two Tayal tribes united to fight the Japanese once again. They were the Knagiy and Mrqwang tribes. Hidden by the cover of night, they attacked Tapung castle during a typhoon. They were able to use nature to their advantage and defeat the heavily armed fort. One year later, the Japanese launched a very large attack against the two tribes. Their strategy was to separate the tribes and fight them one at a time. They first went south-east to the Knaqiy tribe, and then south-west to the Mrqwang tribe. The Japanese brought in reinforcements from Hsinchu, Taoyuan, and Yilan. The aboriginals were not able to defeat these heavily armed Japanese forces. The Japanese quickly rebuilt Tapung castle, and the aboriginals once again surrendered.

Transportation Guide

By car: Get off at Cyonglin interchange and follow the 120 towards Hengsan and Jianshih. Turn right onto Jianshih bridge and follow the 60. Pass Naluo and Yulau. Behind the Lidon Villa, gain entry at the Security Search Point of Siouluan. Arrival will be at Tapung Castle. (Lidonsan) Leave about 95 minutes to walk the trail.