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About the Mayor

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About the Mayor

It is my honor and privilege to have this special opportunity to serve the community of Jianshih. I have had endless encouragement and love guiding me to this position, and I believe that it is a true calling from God. I will not let this gift go to waste and I will fervently work to better the lives of everyone in Jianshih. It is my goal to hear the voices of the people of Jianshih and bring to them what they truly need. I will use my position to the best of my ability to help as many people as possible, and to make Jianshih an even better place to live.
Transport infrastructure:

1. Adjust and broaden the main road in Jainshi and Newan to solve the traffic jam.
2. To set up a comprehensive security system in the township to protect the people and their property.
3. To promote a free bus system.
4. Repair damaged roads, to protect people and vehicles safety.
5. To improve the entire farm’s association such as the paths and the waterways to pump up and maintain agricultural production.

Agriculture construction:

1. Create a professional demonstration area to enhance agricultural development focusing on organic and non-toxic agricultural production.
2. To try to have more information about agriculture and materials as well as subsidized fertilizer to stimulate agricultural production.
3. To improve agricultural irrigation and drinking water facilities for response to a serious water shortages because of global warming. 
4. To strive to establish Makino bamboo shoot factory, to increase the production of bamboo products and to help the local bamboo farmers.

Village tours ecological construction:

To integrate the local natural environment, hot springs leisure business, local industry and traditional culture, promoting tourism and leisure industries effectively. 
2. To complete the plan for revival of the old location of Janishi, to create the multi-cultural campus, a sport complex, a multi-guild house, and to combine agriculture and business through a tourist point.
3. To improve the public facilities gradually in the township, to highlight each tribal characteristic. 
4. To assist the creation of traditional arts and weaving and to combine the traditional with the modern, and to also create a market for this artwork.
5. To train tourist guides and to actively advertise the township

Taiwan and the rest of the world are entering a highly modern time. We should take this opportunity to build up Jianshih with our own hands. We should not be left behind and let our beautiful township decay into ruins. I hope that everyone in Jianshih can stand behind me and encourage everyone to help revive the infrastructure of our divine land. I will try to make everything happen as quickly as possible without any wasted moments. This should not just be my desire, but the desire of all of Jianshih. I believe that if everybody joins hands and works together, Jianshih will be eternally strong and we will arrive at our destination, which God prepared for us, together as brothers and sisters.

MayorIntroduction of the Mayor:


Master of Chinese University of Science and Technology
Special Examination police officers Test B 
and other examinations

Work Experience:

Xinzhu County Tsim Sha Tsui 18th term Township chief