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Shinchu County   Jianshih Township Office

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Agriculture Division

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Agriculture Division

In charge of agriculture, fisheries, livestock productions, agricultural extension, agricultural administration, agricultural marketing, agricultural inspection, permits for agricultural land and electricity use as well as storage, ecological conservation, soil, water and slope land conservation affairs, food and agriculture, restoration affairs.

Business Responsibilities Director  Liu, Chih Wei Coordinates all agricultural affairs. 0911-214440
Technician An, Pa Han Forestry, mining and timber cutting, fishing protection, wild animal protection and river protection, bamboo shoots processing factory, and other matters.  
Technician Tai, Min Chien

Approves agricultural use, agricultural land for agricultural facilities permit, building code standards, sustainable development of indigenous tribes program, rural regeneration projects, the integrated business exchange office, and other action items.

Technician Hsien, Yao Tsu

Contract employee: Chiu, Ming Hui 
Hillside management, illegal investigation reports, soil and water conservation, environmental construction, abnormal satellite image control for Yising, Jiale, Sinle, Meihua and Jinping Village, landslides, agricultural research and development, and other matters.

Contract employee Ho, Kung Chun

Restoration affairs, Yufong, Siouluan village abnormal satellite image control, and assisting in other matters.

Temporary Staff Chiu, Kung Ling

Agricultural administration assistant, agricultural advertising and provisional work, restoration workers compensation and health care operations.

Inspectors  Liu, Jen Te / Huang, Chun Jen

Co-examine the forest, conservation of water and soil investigation and reports, and assisting in provisional work.

Inspector Lin, Yuan Fen

Assisting the applications for cutting trees, forest conservation, forestry investigation, conservation of water and soil investigation and report, and assisting in provisional work.

Temporarily staff  Shen, Pao Yu Assisting the reforestation with incentives, forest conservation, foresty investigation, conservation of water and soil investigation and report, and assisting in provisional work.