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Local Specialties

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Local Specialties
   Jianshih Township has a vast territory and is    rich in resources, including the Makino Bamboo Shoots (April to May), peaches (May to July), pears (August-September), persimmon (October to November), High Mountain Vegetables, mushrooms, yam, lotus and other hi

gh quality agriculture products. Jianshih also has Trout, Ayu aquaculture and Bamboo Charcoal products. You are welcome to visit and purchase the agricultural products in Jianshih. Snow Lotus, mushrooms, Japanese persimmons, and peaches are the most famous products in Jianshih. The sweet, juicy peach often competes with the famous "Lala Mountain Peaches" of Fusing Township.
    The Japanese persimmon was imported and cultivated in Jianshih a few years ago. It has become huge and plump under the thoughtful care. Over the past few years, it has been very popular for everyone. The sweetness of Japanese persimmon is two to five degrees higher than the Taiwanese persimmon. Taiwanese persimmons are extremely juicy with a very thin skin. There are many growing in Bawushan and Shueitian village.