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Jianshi Rock

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Jianshih Rock
  Jianshih Rock is 35 meters high by 20 meters wide and is the landmark of Jianshih township. It is located at the base of Jianshih 400 meters from the township office. It is between the Naloa and Jaile rivers. One of the reasons this rock is special is because of a radiant green tree growing on its head! This tree is hundreds of years old. The rock itself is over 10,000 years old and has lived through rain, snow, ice, floods and everything else nature has thrown at it. Because of this, it is a symbol of strength and persistence for the aboriginals.

Transportation Guide

By car (towards the north): Get off at Cyonglin interchange and follow the 120 towards Jianshih. Then turn right on Jianshih Bridge. By car (towards the south): Get off at Guansi interchange and go towards Guansi. Take the Provincial Route No. 3 towards Jianshih and then turn right on Jianshih Bridge. By bus: Hsinchu Transportation, Jhudong to Naluo, Bawushan line; stop at the Jianshih Junior High School stop.